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Frequently asked questions about goods:

What is the product?

Free delivery in most countries/regions of the world, . However, we offer delivery options for customers who have to deal with fees.

For European countries, we provide transportation services from UK transportation offices at an additional cost of $25. As the package sent to the United Kingdom, customers will not have to pay a customs clearance to receive packages abroad.

Do I have to be responsible for other expenses (such as taxes/duties or additional hidden fees)?

If you decide to ship from the US / UK, you do not need to pay the cost of receiving the package. Our comment page will be the last step in the payment.

How long will the watch last from the date of the order?

Wait 24-36 hours to approve your payment. After confirming the payment, your product repaired, finally checked for quality, and then packed. For free delivery, you will receive the package within 7-10 working days. If you want to ship from the UK office, send it to us within 10-14 business days after payment is approved.

Do you make boats abroad?

We sent watches to most areas.

North America – all states and Canada.

South America – let’s go to Brazil, Mexico, Chile, and Argentina.

Europe – You have traveled to the United Kingdom, France, Italy, Greece, Spain, Germany, Ireland, the Netherlands, Sweden, Slovakia, and Belgium.

The Middle East and Asia – we fly to Kuwait, Dubai, and Japan.

Customers in any of the countries not listed above can contact us for more information. For a complete list of our countries, visit the delivery section.

Did you choose a different credit card payment address?

If your shipping address doesn’t match your billing address, you’ll need to verify that you own a payment or credit card. You will need a photocopy of your credit card statement. It is to avoid fraudulent efforts and to protect the real credit cardholders.