Warranty, returns, exchanges
Customer satisfaction is our most important responsibility. We provide product quality policy, customs transportation policy, and global customer service policy.

Product Quality Policy: A strict post-production inspection department must inspect each product. It must be retransmitted from the office for the best performance before shipping.

Customs Clearance and Transportation Policy: We ensure a 100% delivery rate and 100% customs clearance for EU countries and countries in the United States and South America. You can choose to send orders from our US office or UK office where appropriate.

Global Customer Service Policy: Customer Support is committed to providing first class service 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We also offer the actual phone number. Please contact us for comments and suggestions.

Overall, if you are not satisfied with our product, you can be happy with it within seven days of returning it without paying for the purchase price.


All watches guaranteed for one year in the event of mechanical damage.

We’d appreciate it if you could reply to the email as we can solve and customize many of the questions first.

If the following conditions met, we would repair it with a warranty.

The project has a manufacturer defect.

This product does not work according to the website specifications.

The customer will bear shipping.

The design of the replacement product is the same as the original model purchased. If you want to change other models, you won’t have to pay a small extra charge. In that case, please contact us first.

The warranty does not cover:

The customer has the wrong product.

Broken glass (not included)

Unfair depreciation of any kind

Return and exchange

Follow all return and exchange instructions.

If you are not happy with your watch or your time is wrong, we offer a return/exchange policy. We accept returns and exchanges of products (delivery of products) within seven days after arrival. Date). If you want to return/change the time for any reason, please contact us within seven days.

We offer refund/exchange services in the following cases:

The project has a manufacturer defect.

This product does not work according to the website specifications.

You are not satisfied with the product.

Please return the product within seven days of receiving the return authorization.

No refund required.

  1. An email is explaining the problem in advance.
  2. An email confirming the correct return procedure, instructions, and return section address.

Exchange fee:

All returns are subject to a $25 shipping/settlement fee.

There is no time change discount, and shipping costs $25.

Return/Exchange conditions:

Items returned within seven days after delivery. (Issuance date) Please contact us within seven days to return the product for any reason.

Return policy:

The watch is on the original heat reduction package.

All links must be attached to the watch, and deleted links cost $10 per link.

The watch did not depict the entire watch, nor did it leave any marks on the sapphire crystal or glass.

Return/Exchange Procedure:

When submitting your return/exchange information, please include the following information in a small note on your return package.

order number:

Transition Number:

Purchase date:

Name and address:

Daily phone number:

Reason for return:

It will take 10-15 days to deposit the refund on your credit card.

If you have any other questions regarding returns, please contact us.